Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Challenge of Discovering meaning

Anne Marie's challenge this past weekend was to take a card which hasn't really made its meaning clear, and to spend ten minutes writing "I am one who"s from it. The card I've chosen to use is one I made during the facilitator's training back in May. It feels very powerful. It feels beyond words to me, though I have attempted to work with it. I can't even name it beyond "The Be True In Heart" card, and can't say whether its suit is committee or council (though it feels very committee, really)

Here's the product of my ten minutes:

I am one who warns Be True In Heart
I am one who has been betrayed
I am one who is worn down, dirtied and wearied
I am one who calls down lightning
I am one who comes out of a wild place
I am one who wishes true lovers well
I am one who watches
I am one who has cast away her gold
I am one who holds to promises
I am one who regrets broken promises
I am one who regrets broken promises
I am one who is cared for by no-one
I am one who is alone
I am one who bears witness
I am one who wants to have her pain witnessed
I am one who is past weeping
I am one who cries in my heart Be True In Heart
I am one who lives between storm and desert
I am one who has no care for appearance
I am one who knows the way
I am the watcher
I am one who warns the groom Be True in Love
I am one who knows the urge to vengeance
I am one who rises above the urge to vengeance
I am one who sees love as heavenly in origin
I am one whi is alone and feared
i am one on the cusp of cronedom
I am one who carries pain within
I am one who fears for others - that they will feel pain also.

Having completed the exercise, it is clear that this card holds the pain of my marriage's end. This is the abandoned, betrayed, hurt wife card. I knew that, really. I just couldn't name it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Caring Gardener

Over on the Kaleidosoul group, a theme of cards depicting gardeners has emerged. The other cards mentioned are a Mystical Gardener and a Cosmic Gardener.

This is my Caring Gardener card, and I've posted it to just celebrate the joy I get from my garden. My garden has its share of weeds, my lawn is more moss than grass, and no-one would give it any prizes, but I love my garden, get immense pleasure from it, and delight in the wildlife that it attracts.

Who are You? I am the Caring Gardener, the one who puts energy into looking after the plants in your garden, and is willing to spend time seeing to pests in environmentally friendly ways, to protect the birds and friendly insects. I am one who delights in the appearance of each shoot and bud.

What do You Have to Give Me? I give you the knowledge that in caring in little ways for your little piece of the earth, you are looking after earth in a larger way. I give you pleasure and health, and the companionship of birds and insects. I give you the delight of finding frog and hedgehog have come to live in your space.

What do You Want from Me? I want you to continue to look after your garden, with intention; with each act as an act of love for Mother Earth; with the knowledge that the care you offer here is felt by the planet as an act of care for all. I want you not to diminish the small acts, but to value them, and to recognise that in the practical work of the garden, much of what you do symbolises the laws and ways of the universe and of the soul. I want you to learn what you can from your garden. Continue to bless it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Great Mother

Anne-Marie asked about any Divine Mother cards we may have, and this is the card with which I associate that neter, so I thought I would post it. Perhaps it's not purely the archetype of the Divine mother. I feel it contains connections to me-as-mother, so perhaps it is 90% Council, 10% Committee, or maybe it is purely Council, and it is acknowledging the human-in-the-divine along with the divine-in-the-human?

On a technical point - I think I made this card fairly early in my journey with SoulCollage, and I know, when I look at it, that a different background, rather than the plain surface of the card, would have added another dimension, but that's not what I did, so the card is like this. I have a few cards done without a "background" and they look strange to me now, when I select them.

Who are You?

I am one who nurtures, holds, cherishes. I am giver of life, protector. I am one who takes delight in the growth of my young. I am one whose body is dedicated to the nourishment of the young, to the care of all my children. I give. I give.

What do You Have to give me?

I offer you unconditional love, constant care and nourishment. I give the knowledge that you are never alone. You are always in my care.

What do you want from me?

I want you to accept my constant presence, rely on it and acknowledge that you are always in the arms of the Great Mother. As your trust and faith in my presence grows, you will begin to embody my spirit, and as you do, I want you to share my caring and nurturing with others. My presence is felt in the world through the Mothering of humans. Trust and Love.

Does anyone else have a Great Mother / Divine Mother card to share?