Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When we gather together....

On Sunday last, I had a chance to do something I haven't done in a long time - sit at my kitchen table with a couple of people to make SoulCollage cards. It happened because a workshop I'd had scheduled for Saturday fell through, and as my sister had travelled a long way to be here, and another friend had wanted to do the workshop, it seemed like a good opportunity to experience again the intimacy of a SoulCollage session at home. And something happens when we gather together to make art: the energy is more than the sum of the individuals. At the end of an afternoon which began with many sighs and mumbles of "I haven't got a theme..." "I don't think this is going to come together..." "nothing seems to fit..."..... ended with us 3 putting 13 cards on the table and cheering, delighted, grinning at the outcome for all of us.

You will want to see the cards up close, especially Kathryn's and Aileen's. Here are Kathryn's:

The first card is "Desire", the third, "Adventure", and the title of the 2nd one is yet to be revealed!

Aileen's cards follow:

Those cards have meanings something along the lines of: "Purification", "Enlightenment", "Brutalisation of the Innocent", "Masculine/Feminine balance" and.... (I'll have to check on that wonderful energetic final card!)

My cards are

They are "Mary", "Tribe", "The Magical Brain and "Hand of the Ancestor"

If you usually make cards alone, or only in workshop gatherings, why not try bringing one or two friends together, lighting some incense or a candle, playing some gentle music, and making cards, without any specific intention or theme, just to be witness for one another to whatever may happen?

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