Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dance of Freedom

I am one who dances freely, who relishes open spaces and solitude

I am one who flies free like a bird

I am one who gives no thought to appearance or artifice, but is natural in my freedom

I am one who values my freedom greatly

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I am one who is drawn to salt, to rockpools, to places where tiny treasures lay hidden waiting to be discovered.

I am one who goes into silence, who watches patiently for the movement of a tiny fish or crab.

I am one who appreciates the jewel-like colours that emerge as I watch the surface of a pool settle and begin to see beneath.

I am explorer, adventurer, diviner.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spirit of Sisterhood

I am one who is connected with you - blood, bone, body, heart and soul

I am one who understands in the marrow of my bone what is in your heart

I am one who has been with you throughout your life and will continue on the journey with you

I am one for whom there are no necessary explanations, who accepts you as you are

I am one who delights in your delight, and sorrows over your sorrow.

I am your sister.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Second Death Card

Death - The Shadow-Side

I am one who lies in darkness, waiting. I am your fears. I am what is in the places you fear to go. I am one who gathers even the unwilling. I am of night. I am what all your fears are. I am death. I am inexorable. I will come.

First Death Card

Council Suit - Death.

I am one who comes to you as a Messenger of Joy.

I am one who offers you peace and eternal life

I am one who ends suffering and brings you home to your rightful place.

Submission to me is true happiness.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spirit of Prayer

I am one whose soul seeks to connect with the Divine, in ecstasy, in awe, in thanks, in praise, in supplication.

In silence, in stillness, in song, in dance, in moments of despair, in moments of gladness, I am one who is filled with the need to pray.

Mine is the wordless prayer, mine is the prayer carried by day, by night.

I am one who holds her hands in pleading, in offering, in acceptance, in preparedness. In prayer.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Second Chakra - Leopard

I am one who is wild and beautiful, strong and lithe. I appear in unexpected ways, and can stay hidden and silent for long times, although my influence is still felt. I have a deep body-wisdom and instinctive understanding of my needs.

Interestingly, when I chose this image (or this image chose me!) to represent the second chakra, and incorporated the flowers around, I wasn't focused or thinking about the colour-associations of the chakras. Of course, I realised later that the colour associated with the second chakra is ORANGE. This is the second feline image in my companion suit. My heart-chakra card is an image of lions.