Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grief... the Journey

I have written a couple of posts on my main blog - GreenishLady - about the loss of my mother, who passed away on 9th July. Today, I posted a piece inspired by something I read of John O'Donohue's, in which he says:

"The soul is always wiser than the mind, even though we are dependent on the mind to read the soul for us."

This seems to me a very apt quote to illustrate what happens in SoulCollage®. The soul makes its presence felt in the selection of images and in the making of the cards; and then it makes itself felt when we draw cards in a reading.

If my mind had been asked which neters would support me in coming through the loss of Mam, I imagine I'd have gone for my Healer, Death, Prayer, Divine Mother (Council) cards; the community cards I've made for my mother, and my father and other family members; my heart chakra Lion card... Logic would dictate that these would all be meaningful and helpful in the grief journey.

With my sister, yesterday evening, I did a reading asking that question (Which neters will support me in coming through the loss of Mam?), and my wise soul selected four cards that my mind would have bypassed:

My Caring Gardener reminds me that: as I care for the earth, the earth cares for me, and keeps me in contact with the cycles of life.
This is my Water-bearer card.
I am one who is nourished by the Waters of Life; who respects and cares for water. Water will remind me of my birth and connect me to Mam.
This is my Explorer Card.
I am one who takes comfort in nature; in exploring small spaces; in silence and in memories of childhood.

This is Kathryn.

I am one who values friendship. I am one who lives my own life. I am one who knows the importance of nurturing. I am one who will be there for you............

This combination of cards becomes a powerful support, with reminders of practical, tangible and spiritual forces on which I can call in this journey. So my mind just has the task of remembering and assisting me in bringing these neters into action in my life.


I joined in Roberta Rook's Kaleidosoul teleclass on Grief last night, and much of what was said was so in tune with this reading and with how I've been feeling that I feel all the more connected and supported within my own SoulCollage practice, and within the SoulCollage community. Thanks to all who took part, and especially thank you to Roberta and Anne Marie.

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