Saturday, December 09, 2006

3-Card Reading

This week, Anne Marie's challenge offered to SoulCollagers on her Inner Surprises blog was to do a 3-card reading. She suggests that we ask a question and then select three cards to see what they might say to that question. I wrote my question into my SoulCollage notebook: "What might remedy the anxiety I'm feeling recently?" I selected the three cards last night, but waited until this morning to sit and journal with them. The process was very interesting, because my rational mind would not have selected any of these 3 cards as most relevant to that problem, and yet the three cards selected each have offered me something that I feel is really helpful. Here they are:

The Imprisoned, Longing for Freedom.

After writing some "I am one who..."s, this card suggests to me that I imprison myself within my own thinking, that no-one else is creating the limits which cause me fear and anxiety. It says "You can free your own mind" (and it reminds me of This Quote I read last night too)

The second card I drew was my Letting My Child Go card. This card reminded me that, now that I have released my son into the world as a caring, responsible, adult, it is ok to let him know what I am feeling. I can let him know about my anxieties or worries without making him feel responsible for them.

The third card in the reading is my Autumn Self card, and what this card reminds me of is the store of resources I have already built up, the harvest I have already made in my life. It tells me I can trust that what I have gathered in my life will sustain me in times to come.

Overall, the effect of the three cards in combination is to remind me that I can control my thoughts, that I can draw on support without making others responsible for me, and I already have many inner resources that will carry me through.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Seven Chakras

Now that I have identified my 3rd Chakra animal - Elephant - and created a card to honour Elephant-spirit, I wanted to post all seven cards here.

I listened to Seena's recorded guided meditation on the Chakras a couple of days ago, and lo-and-behold, there was Elephant. I found myself sitting against a great tree in a forest, and up came Elephant, offering strength, certainty, solidity. I felt very safe with Elephant, and as Elephant. It was a lovely experience, and a relief to finally find the last of my animal-guides (though now I'm hearing about people finding that they change, and I don't want to feel I'm searching again any time soon).

One interesting thing I heard recently about Chakras and animal guides - Some friends who have done shamanic journeying were speaking about their animal guides, and it seems it is usual for the lower chakras to have reptile guides, the middle chakras to have mammalian guides and the upper chakras to have bird guides. I was intrigued, and really surprised to find that my SoulCollage cards have fitted this pattern. Has anyone else noticed the same progression? (I'm thinking of that very insistent alligator we heard about recently).