Friday, March 31, 2006

Chorus of Doubters

I am one whose path is blocked by a chorus of doubters

I am one who fears that she will not find a way to persuede them to move aside

I am one who is overwhelmed by the number of whispering doubters blocking my path

I am one who is confused by the doubts voiced by my chorus of doubters.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mother encouraging independence

This card was created when my son left to return to college for his second year. It gave me great comfort to put together images that reflect these feelings.

I am one who is willing to step aside and allow my child to seek and follow his own path

I am one who values signs of independence and freedom of action in my child

I am one who holds memories of his childhood as I watch from a safe distance

I am one who will always watch with a loving eye.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Magical World

I am one who exists in a place of magic and mystery. I am one who travels and transports you in a beautiful vessel to a place of light and welcome. I am one who swims in crystal waters. I am a nature-spirit, found in hidden places. I delight your heart and remind you of your childlike fairy-loving self.

My 2006 Intention card

The New Year Card made as an intention-focus for this year.

- I am one who relishes my freedom and strides confidently into the world

- I am one who travels joyfully, expectantly, in a spirit of adventure, and is willing to take the risk of going to high places

- I am one who rests her body and mind and exercises her body and mind.

- I am one who is willing to take her poetry out into the world and share it with others.

- I am one who meets the world with no veils or trappings as barrier. I am open to experience and receiving grace .

Monday, March 27, 2006


I have chosen to start a blog in which I can post SoulCollage® cards as I am moved to share them, and especially to motivate myself to write a little about each card. I have a tendency to make the cards and leave them sit a long while before I write.

What is SoulCollage®? A full explanation is available at either Seena Frost's SoulCollage ® site, (originator of the process) or at Anne Marie Bennet's Kaleidosoul site. I will be providing links in the sidebar to other blogs and sites which feature SoulCollage® cards as time goes on.

The short description of the process: SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or Soul. Use the collage cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between:

-- your personality parts
-- you and your family/community/world
-- you and dreams, symbols, and Spirit

(Extracted from SoulCollage® Site)