Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I think there are few people who don't find butterflies attractive. I've always been fascinated by them, and find that the sight of a butterfly lifts my heart. If I get an opportunity to visit a butterfly house, I take it. (Those opportunities don't come too often, but when they have, I've loved being among all that fluttering beauty). Anne Marie posted her 3rd Chakra card, which is a beautiful representation of butterfly energy, and their strength is in their transformative quality, as she points out. I have yet to identify my 3rd chakra animal (it's the last one for me, too). I know I thought it might be Frog for a while, I wondered if it was Coyote. I'm still not sure what my 3rd Chakra companion is, and maybe I've allowed it to become too much of a quandary. Maybe I should stop looking and let my companion come find me. (I've been trying to do that). But in the meantime, I know there are animals whose spirit is special to me, even if I can't identify them as associated with a particular chakra for me, and this is what Butterfly says to me.

I am one who brings beauty and elegance into the world
I am one who does not worry about tomorrow, but lives for the present.
I am one who offers my beauty for all to enjoy
I am one who takes what I need without doing any damage to the world
I am one who has grown and become transformed through my cocooning stage
I am one who is the emblem of transformation
I am one who appears in many unique patterns and colours.

I give you the spirit of transformation
I give you the patience to be within your cocoon
I give you trust that you will emerge in the right time
I give you willingness to move as the spirit moves you.

I want you to trust your intuition. I want you to believe you don't need to have a reason to "know" what you know. Trust.