Saturday, July 22, 2006

Animal Companions

Ann Marie's challenge this week invites us to consciously bring one of our animal companions with us through our weekend. Synchronicity is at play here. I've been pondering for some time what is my 3rd chakra animal. All the others have been identified and honoured with a card. I felt when I went to the practitioner training that it would become clear, but I didn't feel it had. Then, when I was travelling in California afterwards, I met a coyote and thought Is it you? Are you my 3rd Chakra? It was a very powerful and meaningful encounter, but somehow, it didn't have that feeling. I came face to face with deer, close enough to capture an osprey in a photograph, but still, didn't feel that was it. So, I decided to just let it alone for a while, as you might with any wild creature, and said It will come to me in its own good time.

Sometimes, what you're looking for is right under your nose, waiting for you to see it? I made this card back in May, before I set off to the practitioner training, during a session with my counselling colleagues. I called it Transformation.

And today, writing a post on my main blog, telling the story of my connection with frogs, this is part of that post:

And here's my If You Build It, They Will Come story. I like frogs. They make me happy. I always thought if I ever owned a coffee-shop, I would call it the Green Frog Cafe (with a nod to Guy Clark, of course). Well, although I don't have a pond, stream or fountain in my garden (the only water is an outside tap, and buckets that collect rainwater, and get left to develop their own ecosystem - unintenionally) during the past few years, every once in a while, a frog might show up in my garden at night, and I would be delighted, but it would then disappear and not turn up for months again. So, because I like the idea of them, I put in a little frog statue (I have a hedgehog statue (with a baby) for a similar reason). I like the frog statue. It sits outside my kitchen window, on a raised area, where I've planted a few alpines and put gravel around it. Well, wouldn't you know it? The frog has returned. She's bigger and happier looking, and is living in a cool bucket with some well-softened peat briquettes and comes out at night to help with my slug problem. Yesterday, she came out in daylight, and here's where she turned up:

And after a few hops, she found herself right beside the statue I'd put in. (can you see her? Just to the left?) I just was tickled to see this manifestation in reality. I wanted frog energy (transformation, I believe) in my garden (and in my life). Well, it seems I have it a-plenty!

And it seems frog is trying to tell me something. Maybe she is my 3rd chakra animal? I think all I can do is try it on, and see how it fits. But, like I said, it makes me happy!


  • This is wonderful!
    I live in an area that is home to many a frog family! Big, little, and everything in between. During rainy season (NOW) we get the huge bullfrogs who serenade us ALL NIGHT LONG.. they are like babies in a nursery - when one starts to make noise, they all chime in! Sometimes it gets VERY loud to the point of not being able to sleep but most times it is a great way to be lulled to sleep by Mother Nature courtesy of the FrogChorus!

    By Blogger Lee Ambrose, at 6:47 AM  

  • Now you`ve got me hooked on reading your blog. I like your cards and what you write with them :)

    By Blogger Tea & Margaritas in My Garden, at 12:59 PM  

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