Saturday, July 15, 2006

Surrender to Grace

This Friday's Kaleidosoul Challenge offered by Anne Marie is to create a card with a horizontal orientation. I realise that many of my cards are created that way. I think I even tend to place the blank card down that way when I begin to arrange images, and perhaps turn it vertically if they do not seem to be fitting horizontally. I'll have to observe what I'm doing next time I start to make some cards. If we get into too much of a habit of using cards one way or the other, perhaps we would dismiss an image as "not a good fit", when with a shift in perspective, we could find a way to use the images in our cards.

This card is one in which I felt it was important to use actual pictures of myself as well as found images. I wanted to place myself in the flow of grace in this card.

Surrender to Grace

Who are You?

I am one who opens myself to the flow of grace

I am one who is willing to receive the grace that is pouring on me.

I am one who finds joy in the many graces and blessings I receive.

I am one who recognises that I need to stand naked in the flow of grace.

What do You Have to Give Me?

I give you true freedom

I give you faith in the abundance of grace available to you

I give you healing and joy

What do you want from me?

I want you to believe, trust, be open to the ever-flowing grace in your life. Be joyful and happy. Make yourself "naked" to receive grace by divesting yourself of the superficial trappings of life.


  • Lovely and thanks for joining me on my latest island adventure.

    By Blogger Wenda, at 8:30 PM  

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