Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where are the Men?

I live in a world that is very female. My closest contacts are almost all with female friends, with my sisters. Most of the bloggers I connect with are female. In my writers group, we have only one male member. The SoulCollage community is almost totally female. (There are some male facilitators, but only a very few, relative to the number of women who are using SoulCollage in their lives). Yes, I have a son, a father, brothers, but still, sometime more than a year ago, I became aware of the absence of masculine creative energy in my SoulCollage. I realised I'd been gathering images of male artists - actors, musicians, writers, chefs - that I wanted to bring together to celebrate the men who inspire me, and their particular energy. Above is the card I made. I added the four older men in the bottom-left, not because they are artists (I don't know if they are!) but because of that companionship their pose portrays.
I was reminded to post this today by a post Lila made on her blog, Indigo Pears, in which she has done something similar in an altered book page.
I've felt a bit shy about this card. I do know that the energy I'm drawn to here is not attraction to the men per se, but it is to do with my own balance of animus/anima energies, and a will to bring the masculine more into play within myself.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

More of Kathryn's cards

Kathryn came by to share the cards she made during the few days after the card-making session she and I had shared with my sister a couple of weeks ago. She doesn't have a scanner, nor does she blog, but she wanted her own sister to be able to see these, so I'm posting them here. I'm really glad to get to see them, and to share them with you, too, because I love each of these cards. The first is "The Wisdom of Patience" This second card is "Masculine Tenderness"

This next card is "Grace"

...and she entitles this final card "Entering your True Nature"