Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior sits in the middle of the fire. --- Pema Chodron

Who are you?
I am one who carries the wisdom of years
I am one who faces into the fire
I am one who knows the cleansing of the fire
I am one who has gathered the many-coloured threads and ribbons of my spiritual life and history about my staff
I am one who trusts
I am one who faces what is coming straight-on
I am one who speaks my truth quietly and with dignity
I am one who is ready to raise my standard aloft
I am one who knows that there is much I do not understand but that I can still be a spiritual warrior in that place

What do you have to give me?
I give you courage, assurance, faith. I give you the fire of your own spirit. I give you the standard you can carry, woven about with all your history, all you know. I give you the path for which you are destined.

What do you want from me?
Courage, willingness to lift your standard, and your voice. Faith abiding. Willingness to be a channel. Trust. Readiness to go into the fire.


Note: This card was made some time ago, and I didn't know quite what to name it, so I called it "Fire-Carrier", but knew the figure isn't carrying the fire, and yet the fire isn't just background. Anne Marie recently asked about our Spiritual Warriors, and shared her Spiritual Warrior card, and the above quote from Pema Chodrom. That resonated for me. I realised that this is the card that represents my Spiritual Warrior. I hadn't quite known how to relate to it, thrown off in part by the presence of a cross as part of the standard or staff he carries, but I've sat with it, and taken the comments of some of the Kaleidosoul participants in, and now realise that this is a wider, older and more all-encompassing symbol than a mere cross, and I am happy with this as a symbol of my spiritual life.

Reflections and comments are welcome!