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New Year's Reading: Neters for 2008

Today, I did a reading to select the "neters" or energies that might guide me particularly during this year. Inspired by Noelle Remington, who speaks of these days, between the solstice and the New Year (I'm being loose in my dates, I know, but as here, we are still in the holidays, I feel I'm still in the transition between the old year and the new). Noelle says:

"If I pay attention, I can feel the sacred quiet and stillness as the universe takes in one last deep breath before it begins the cycle once again. It's during this gap between the old and the new that I love to do a SoulCollage® reading for the coming year. "

During the past week, I've been gifted with time on my own, to think, reflect, write; to catch up on reading blogs I'd barely skimmed over the past few months. I gave some thought to my intentions for the coming year, and have posted about them on my main blog HERE. Then, I came across This Article on Christine Kane's blog, where she suggests that instead of making resolutions, we select a word to guide us through the year, to act as a touchstone, a watchword. I have chosen Prayerfulness as my word. Whatever I do, I would like to approach it with an attitude of prayerfulness, to be aware of work as worship, to know that there is a prayer "that transcends the murmur of syllables and sound", and to allow that to fill my life.

With these thoughts in mind, I chose to do my reading today, selecting one card from each of the four suits in my deck, and the results, as usual, seemingly surprising at first in some ways, then became something that seems totally appropriate to where I am in my life right now. When I wrote in my SoulCollage journal, just a few lines from each card, their "rightness" became very clear. If I could choose any other neter now, I wouldn't change any of them. So here is the reading:

From the Committee Suit, Protecting the Children's Fire

I am one who carries the energy of protection, who goes into the dark places some children have to encounter, and who takes their hands to help guide them. I am one who brings light. I am one who is present to the child who is most in need. My fire is protected also.

The Community Card that emerges is Dr. Bach

[Dr. Bach discovered the remedies known as the
Bach Flower Remedies. I am a certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner]

I am one who dedicated my life to the work of healing. I am one who recognised the importance of Balance - that no trait is 'bad' - It is just unbalanced, it is in its shadow-nature. I remind you of the gift I have given you - a gift you can share with others. I remind you you can use this gift to support yourself during this year.

From the Council Suit, came La Loba.

[I wrote about the origin and importance to me of this card HERE. Seena's article about the archetype is HERE. ]

I am one who is patient in gathering the bones. I am one who seeks out the treasure. I am one who is not afraid to live alone in my cave. I am one whose solitude allows her to do the work. I am one who sings, who sings wild songs, who follows her wild intuition. I am one who welcomes the emergence of wolf. I am La Loba. Hear me Howl.

And from the Companions suit, came 6th Chakra, Owl.

I am one who is knowing and wise. I am one who awakens in darkness and knows. I am one whose intuition is strong. I am the owl of strength. I am the owl of silence. I am the owl who approaches as night falls. I am one who can stay silent, waiting for an answer. I am patient. I am one who answers to no-one, who chooses my flight-path by instinct. I am one who came to you last year as a gift. I am your brother.

These are my guides for 2008. I've printed out a copy of each card, to make a little accordion-book I can keep out on my altar or desk, to remind me throughout the year. That will be tomorrow's project. If any of you have done a reading for the New Year, I'd love to hear about it. [ updated: there are pictures of the accordion-book at the end of THIS POST on my main blog]

Blessings to all in 2008.

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