Saturday, August 12, 2006

Great Mother

Anne-Marie asked about any Divine Mother cards we may have, and this is the card with which I associate that neter, so I thought I would post it. Perhaps it's not purely the archetype of the Divine mother. I feel it contains connections to me-as-mother, so perhaps it is 90% Council, 10% Committee, or maybe it is purely Council, and it is acknowledging the human-in-the-divine along with the divine-in-the-human?

On a technical point - I think I made this card fairly early in my journey with SoulCollage, and I know, when I look at it, that a different background, rather than the plain surface of the card, would have added another dimension, but that's not what I did, so the card is like this. I have a few cards done without a "background" and they look strange to me now, when I select them.

Who are You?

I am one who nurtures, holds, cherishes. I am giver of life, protector. I am one who takes delight in the growth of my young. I am one whose body is dedicated to the nourishment of the young, to the care of all my children. I give. I give.

What do You Have to give me?

I offer you unconditional love, constant care and nourishment. I give the knowledge that you are never alone. You are always in my care.

What do you want from me?

I want you to accept my constant presence, rely on it and acknowledge that you are always in the arms of the Great Mother. As your trust and faith in my presence grows, you will begin to embody my spirit, and as you do, I want you to share my caring and nurturing with others. My presence is felt in the world through the Mothering of humans. Trust and Love.

Does anyone else have a Great Mother / Divine Mother card to share?


  • Thank you for posting this entry and the one before it on July 28. They were very soothing for me to view and read about. I'm sending you good wishes on your creative journeys!

    By Blogger Kara, at 7:23 AM  

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