Friday, July 28, 2006

A two-card reading

This week, Anne Marie's challenge is to select two cards from our deck, and to sit with the cards to see what message(s) they might hold for our present life situation. She says:

Sit quietly with them for several minutes. Ask each voice what it is saying to you right now in your particular life circumstances. Listen carefully.

These are the two images that I chose. The first is in fact the first SoulCollage card I ever made. As such, I have a particular fondness for this card. It opened a new stage in my life, offering me limitless opportunities for discovery, and this seems to be what the card is reminding me. I have had difficulty finding a title for this card, but I sometimes call it my Creator/Duality card. It reminds me that life is big and small, that it is ephemeral and eternal, but that in every way, it is special, and that I am a part of this wonderful creation, and connected into it. In my present life circumstances, when I am entering into a new stage of creating a pattern of work which is to support me in the coming years, this brings me back to the fundamental knowing that "You are a child of the Universe (anyone remember the Desiderata?), no less than the trees and the stars, you have the right to be here, and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

The other card I chose is one I made originally for a friend, during a time when her life circumstances left her feeling very alone and facing into a difficult phase. I can see this card in this light for myself too, so it is very comforting to me to select this card, which I feel depicts that aloneness, and the presence of a loving, caring observer who will see that no harm befalls the "little one". The presence is maternal, protective and yet detached. This card says to me:

You may feel alone, and step into the world feeling unprotected, but I am always there to look out for you, to see that no harm will befall you. You can step confidently into the world, even into its cold and barren places, and you will have what you need.

This is an interesting exercise, and a good one to focus me, as I am about to spend a week away, and when I return will be "stepping out" in terms of developing my work-life. Has anyone else been reading their cards (or done a reading at the SoulCollage website? Want to share the process?)


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