Monday, August 21, 2006

The Caring Gardener

Over on the Kaleidosoul group, a theme of cards depicting gardeners has emerged. The other cards mentioned are a Mystical Gardener and a Cosmic Gardener.

This is my Caring Gardener card, and I've posted it to just celebrate the joy I get from my garden. My garden has its share of weeds, my lawn is more moss than grass, and no-one would give it any prizes, but I love my garden, get immense pleasure from it, and delight in the wildlife that it attracts.

Who are You? I am the Caring Gardener, the one who puts energy into looking after the plants in your garden, and is willing to spend time seeing to pests in environmentally friendly ways, to protect the birds and friendly insects. I am one who delights in the appearance of each shoot and bud.

What do You Have to Give Me? I give you the knowledge that in caring in little ways for your little piece of the earth, you are looking after earth in a larger way. I give you pleasure and health, and the companionship of birds and insects. I give you the delight of finding frog and hedgehog have come to live in your space.

What do You Want from Me? I want you to continue to look after your garden, with intention; with each act as an act of love for Mother Earth; with the knowledge that the care you offer here is felt by the planet as an act of care for all. I want you not to diminish the small acts, but to value them, and to recognise that in the practical work of the garden, much of what you do symbolises the laws and ways of the universe and of the soul. I want you to learn what you can from your garden. Continue to bless it.


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