Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Evolution of a SoulCollage deck

Last week, I mentioned at the end of my post on my missing cards (still no sign) that I felt my deck was getting ready for an evolutionary shift. That sounds rather dramatic, and in fact what I mean is that I'm only now beginning to consider removing cards from 'active' deck, or changing cards, and I've been prompted to make a few changes over the last week or two that really do demonstrate movement and growth within my deck. Before my 31st March workshop, I felt a strong urge to remove this card:

and replace it with this:

When I first made my 'Lillith' card, modesty made me represent her masked - I wasn't sure whether she was putting on the mask, or removing it. But now, it's clear she was removing it. I had made a scan before I'd added the mask, so it was easy to retrieve the 'unmasked' Lillith, and now this is the image that will be included in my deck.

Another card I made early in my acquaintance with SoulCollage was my Divine Mother card, and I've been aware that, while I love the images I included in the card, it would have been better to select a background for this card, rather than simply pasting them onto the black side of the matboard. So, a few days ago, I found the background, and here is the amended card:

It has really surprised me to see what a change this has made. The energy of the card is really now Divine Mother to me.

I was also really interested to read what Seena says about how her deck has evolved, especially about what was originally her Source card evolving into her Death card. I recall being surprised when I first saw Seena's Source card that there was a human image included, and thinking it had the 'going into the light' feeling of a death card to me. Now her Source card is without human images.

My first-ever card has always presented me with the question as to what it is exactly. I knew it wasn't my Source card, but also knew it was special in some way - and described it as my Creator card (while knowing it's not exactly that), and could say it has to do with duality. Reading Seen's description of the three transpersonal cards, I have a strong sense now that my Soul Essence card has been with me all along, and that is what I met in these images:

The final change involves one of my community cards. My community suit doesn't contain cards for everyone who's important in my life, but it does include cards for my son, my parents, some friends, and a few artists/writers/musicians, along with a couple of groups who are important parts of my community. I included photographs when I had them, and the one card which I felt has pictures of the person, but doesn't capture her spirit was the card I had made for my mother, using some photos, and some images from cards she had received during her first years in a nursing-home, where she still resides. Somehow, her spirit doesn't seem to be present in this card - almost like the reality of being with her now, when much of the time, she isn't 'present'; I wanted to honour my mother with a community card, but this card doesn't satisfy. Then, some images presented themselves during the past couple of weeks that called out to become my "real mother" card. - The card that captures the spirit of my mother. I am really happy that this card should replace the 'official' Mother card:

Now that I have become open to amending and/or replacing cards within my deck, it seems the refinements that are ready to be made are presenting themselves in a natural way. Does anyone else find they are making changes of this nature?

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  • Its great to see that you are embracing these changes Imelda - your Lilth card is particularly strong. Its very interesting that part of you knew to make that original scan!

    My deck changes all the time - something that is very easy and natural with the originals all being digital in the first place.

    By Blogger Caroline, at 5:44 AM  

  • Yes, I have found myself amending a number of my cards. In particular, I had a card originally called the Witness who is now is one of my transpersonal cards. I reduced the image and put the image on top of my Source card.

    By Blogger kaleidoblog, at 8:22 AM  

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