Saturday, March 17, 2007

Celebrating Seena

When I first encountered SoulCollage, I felt an immediate connection - a Gimme! feeling. I know this is not unusual. Many of the people who turn up at the KaleidoSoul Yahoo group are obviously gripped by the same excitement, the same urgency about getting into this process.

So, at first, at the beginning, I didn't pay a lot of attention to where this had come from. Yes, there was a book, and of course I ordered it straight away, but it was the content, not the author that interested me at that time.

Then, in reading the book, in working with the cards I'd begun to make, and reflecting on what she said in the book about our engagement with the cards and neters, I began to get a sense of this person whose wisdom I was drawing on. - A sense of a gentle, knowing, accepting person, who was offering such a wonderful tool to us.

Within a few weeks, I was totally smitten with SoulCollage. One night, in a dream, a voice - a woman's voice - told me that I should Come! Come where? I wondered. Hmmm... And then, the audio-tapes I had ordered arrived, and I heard Seena's voice. Ah! That's the voice from my dream. Come? Come to the States? You have to be joking. Not possible! was my first response. But the seed was sown. The call had been heard. And 3 years later I did go. I went to California for facilitator training with Seena. What an experience!

Seena is, to me, one of those rare and wonderful souls who knows what she is here on earth to do, and she is doing it. Helping people to discover the many parts of themselves through the medium of SoulCollage. Her gentle spirit is a delight to encounter.

When her 75th birthday was approaching in February, and SoulCollage facilitators were invited to create a card to share with Seena as a celebration, this was the card I made, and these were the words I added:

.........I am one who brings light, who sheds light on dark places.
.........I am one who understands the One and the Many.
.........I am one whose call you heard and answered.
.........I am one who gives with open hands and welcomes with arms, who listens with full attention, who speaks
..............with great care.
.........I am one who offers tremendous gifts to the world.
.........I am a being of light.

It feels right to share it here now. If you have not read the book, go to the SoulCollage site and check out some of the articles Seena has written. You will not be sorry you have encountered this wonderful woman!



  • I've just read this and am impressed with the clarity of the call you received - and your answering it too - and my reading it has also happened with an incredible synchronicity for me!

    I'd just opened your webpage when my computer spoke to me - in an unknown American female voice - as I looked at your picture of Seena - it said

    "Hello Caroline, shouldn't you be going to the shops!"

    Of course this was no mystic emanation but my husband having just discovered how to surprise me this way... though he didn't know what I was looking at...

    I then read on and was bowled over by your dream voice.

    My husband then sent me the same message again this time anticipating that I'd asked "what for?" which I did right on cue.

    The voice then said

    "To get ingredients for a trifle."

    I may have to take all of this as a bit of a hint... um... wow... I hope that the trifle part is just referring to the one I have to make for tomorrow - its unlikely to only cost me a trifle to get there...

    (And of course it was your cards that Tinker first mentioned to me and that awoke the idea of Soul Collage itself in me...)

    Hope you are having a great St Patrick's Day!

    By Blogger Caroline, at 8:11 AM  

  • Hi, Caroline! Wow! That is some amazing synchronicity ok. Trifle, huh? And I am NOT someone who's given to hearing voices, I must say. Hope you enjoy that trifle tomorrow! Good to hear from you here again.

    By Blogger GreenishLady, at 8:42 AM  

  • I've ordered the CDs and asked about spaces... looks like I'll have to make my mind up quickly if I want to go in June...

    At least buying the CDs was like going to the shops - and only a trifle compared to the cost of going... I'll sleep on the idea of actually going...

    Thanks again, greenishlady

    By Blogger Caroline, at 11:31 AM  

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